Why are they buying up old radio components

In the early nineties, all radio markets of the former USSR were flooded with buyers of radio components. For the most part, they came from the so-called "southern republics" and persistently offered to "buy yellow death metal". Sometimes, in order not to bother, they held signs in their hands "I will buy radio components", but not all were suitable, but only "yellow", with the content of precious metals. Then it was clear to everyone for what purpose transistors, thyristors, microcircuits, varistors, and especially connectors with gold-plated surfaces were purchased. Only a very naive person could suspect these buyers of amateur radio.

The imported connectors and parts that came across at that time were valued low, the thickness of the gold layer deposition on them was small, and sometimes with a large consumption of hydrochloric acid at the output of the precious metal it turned out to be offensively little. In addition, the process of obtaining gold, palladium and platinum was very laborious, accompanied by a large amount of brown smoke, and an extremely unpleasant smell.

Those vulgar, truly "golden" times are a thing of the past, and most of the decommissioned equipment has long been recycled and disposed of, most often by these "prospectors". Computers of the EU 1022, 1035 and others series, which were massively written off in the nineties, contained up to two kilograms of gold, not to mention silver, from which even washers for power inputs were made, and the older the machine was, the more precious metals it contained. Apparently, they learned to steal in the eighties at factories that produce parts and connectors.

Nowadays there are many companies that continue the recycling process. Now the work is much better, and not only external spraying is taken into account, but also internal wiring made of precious hair conductors, but the main purpose of buying up an outdated element base remains the same - the extraction of platinum and gold. There are reference tables that indicate the content in milligrams of precious metals in each detail.

To this day, the population still has a fairly large number of radio components in their hands, the use of which is becoming less and less. They are willingly bought up by representatives of companies that have made their disposal their profile. It is easy to determine such a specialization if you wish to buy radio components and gold-plated cases from Soviet-made watches. The thickness of the gold layer according to GOST in them was 20 microns, which is quite a lot, it's about a gram for every watch. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of 80 free spins with no deposit at 80 Free Spins No Deposit . Learn how to optimize your gameplay with these bonus spins.