Urban Forests was created in 2016 by Nicolas de Brabandere. He is a biologist and a naturalist.

Our solution makes it possible to reconcile the economy with ecology by bringing an innovative and natural proposal to environmental challenges.

Urban Forests uses the Miyawaki Method. Nicolas traveled all the way to India to learn the technic with Afforestt before he adapted it to the European context.

In 2021, Nicolas also completed certification at the Dr. Elaine Soil Food Web School to gain new skills in creating and maintaining good quality living soil for the trees.

The team :

Our team is composed of diverse experiences, generations and training to offer you the best possible service: from first hand analysis to the realisation of your projects.

Nicolas de Brabandere
Founder of Urban Forests BIOLOGIST AND NATURALIST « What a joy to see an entire ecosystem come together in front of your very eyes ! »
Dorian Malengreau
Urban Forests Associate LANDSCAPER « My own contribution to a greener world. I've always been fascinated by forests. »
Loic Dahan
Urban Forests Associate ENTOMOLOGIST « Rarely have I had such good spirit while working, creating habitats full of life. »
Sébastien Berger
Urban Forests Associate ARBORIST « These trees growth fast and require very little maintenance. The dream for a gardener. »
Charlotte Caroux
Urban Forests associate CURATOR « Act now. Create meaning with a positive and swift impact. Make a difference and inspire people to do the same. »

Our partners: