We use the Miyawaki Technic to create native forests.

This technic works worldwide irrespective of soil and climatic conditions. Over 3000 forests were successfully created using this technic.

Doctor Akira Miyawaki is the inventor of the technic. He is a recipient of the 2006 Blue Planet Prize which is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in ecology.

Using the methodology we create native forest ecosystems 10x faster than spontaneous forest regeneration. The technic is so revolutionary that it can create a 100 years old forest ecosystem in only 10 years.

Vegetation is 30x more dense than conventional planting.

We plant together 15 to 30 different species of trees and shrubs to create a multi-layered forest.

We guarantee a growth of at least 1m every year.

Our methodology is 100% organic and entirely free of chemicals and synthetic fertilisers.

  • Forests beautify the land and make the environment more enjoyable for everyone around.
  • The quality of the air and water improves.
  • Vegetation decreases noise level and regulate temperature.
  • Soil is better protected. Erosion and risk of flooding are effectively reduced.
  • Forests provide great habitat for biodiversity.
  • Forests store considerable amount of CO² that no longer stay in the atmosphere.